real time data

  1. adesara

    Google Intraday Downloader -spreadsheet

    Google intraday downloader. upto 200 scrips all intervals upto 15 days download possible. format file included in this download. Its little slow but that helps avoiding blockage by Google servers. Stores in different files Every minute whatever is downloaded.
  2. P

    Technical Charts by Economic Times [Advanced, Real-time, Free]

    Economic Times now offers one of the most advanced & user-friendly Techncial Charts Checkout: It offers: [1] Real-Time End of the Day and Intraday Data across all Stocks & Indices (NSE & BSE) [2] Multiple Chart Types (Candles...
  3. B


    Hi, I am from UAE. I have 2 querries, regarding live data intraday. 1) I need 1/5 minute OHLC figures to an Excel sheet to feed my excel trading system (which is under construction ;) ) I am using Nest Trader and Nest2Ami for feeding Amibroker. Is it possible to get data (OHLC 1/5 min)...
  4. T

    How to get real time commodity data from CME into amibroker?

    Hello fellow tradrers, I am looking for real time commodities data from CME, is there any way i can configure it into amibroker .. I have read threads about getting the feed from MCX but am looking for data from CME or from any source from which data is same as CME Thanks
  5. M

    Odin Feeder Lite Real time data problem

    Odin Feeder developed by Mr J Deep of Volume Digger is a great utility indeed. I tried making Connection between OdinDiet terminal and Ninja Trader 7 thru Odin Feeder. It worked so smartly. I was able to see real time chart of all the stocks in market watch of my Odin. But I am facing two big...
  6. D

    Realtime Yahoo Data feed to Amibroker for FREE

    Any intra-day trader needs real time data feeds... The data vendors are very much costly... Real time data is available for free at Yahoo Finance and Google. To feed data of yahoo to ami broker without any plugin is little bit complicated... So, many uses the 3rd party plugins. The...
  7. S

    Anyone using Tickerplant Price, Fundamentals & News Data?

    Hello Is anyone using Date from They claim realtime data, full historical prices, financials and news. Salesguy compared themselves with bloomberg for fundamental data & news at Indian prices... Hope someone knows them ;-) Sanjay.
  8. V

    International Trading championship

    Vinnex is organising VIC 2010 - First ever international virtual trading competition. Starting from 22nd march. Play now - Virtual stock exchange
  9. J

    myQuotes - Free Real Time Quotes Software

    Hi folks, heres a free real time quotes software for Amibroker. The same can be downloaded from do make sure to read the online tutorial. Cheers.
  10. L

    RT data free to Amibroker free

    RT data free to Amibroker Hi Download, install, add symbol (y**oo symbol) click start, now at ami click on symbol-new and without any entry just click ok, all symbol added by you at the suggested utility will come to ami. Check and share whether it's delayed? (I can not take guarantee)...
  11. A

    Review/Information about Investbulls

    I would like to know following information about investbulls software, which actually sits on top of Power India Bulls to transfer data to charting software. 1. How is their software and customer support? 2. Is it possible to import the data to excel instead of Amibroker et al? 3. Is there...