real time data feed

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    hi im new to the forum but not new to the market. have done trading and made some good gains and beautiful losses. worst decision was buying two thousand icici stocks at three hundred .still waiting to get even. now after studying a lot on charts i have turned my attention to technical...
  2. S

    google finance real time chart not coming

    Hi friends, Can anybody tell me whether google fin has stopped streaming of realtime chart.. even at end of day , intra day chart is not showing... Any idea? Any parallel solution ? Thanks and regards, s pathak
  3. S

    NSE/BSE/MCX Real Time Feed API - For custom software development

    This being my first post, I must, first, compliment the vibrant community in here: :clap: I am looking for Real Time Data Feeds, but not for charting softwares like Amibroker etc., instead, I am looking for feeds that will enable me to parse them for analysis with custom software/tools...
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    Solving Developing Functions 4 trading EXCEL sheet.

    Here this thread can be utilized for solving your queries or giving some knowledge about the functioning of EXCEL workouts, which can be useful for trading and updating the issues in related like screening, calculations, functions, data, download, auto updating etc. here I am providing...
  5. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Free Customized Trading Platform with Real time data

    Hello all my Trading friends, I wanted to make a free of cost trading platform for the traderji Users, who doesn't have real time data feed. I saw some threads are there, but there was no solution. I have computer science background. So I decided to make one for myself first. So here in this...