real time chart

  1. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Free Customized Trading Platform with Real time data

    Hello all my Trading friends, I wanted to make a free of cost trading platform for the traderji Users, who doesn't have real time data feed. I saw some threads are there, but there was no solution. I have computer science background. So I decided to make one for myself first. So here in this...
  2. M

    Hello from Bangalore

    Hi all, My self, Munir Noorani. I am a new investor, looking to learn the basics of trading. Currently I am studying technical analysis and the various indicators like MACD, Candlesticks etc. Looking forward to a lot of help from the seniors and other knowledgeable people on this forum...
  3. T

    Can anyone suggest any free charting software?

    hello, fellow traders, iam wishing to know and use charts for intraday trading. I need realtime charting softwares which can be used to add technical indicators also. please provide the software names so that i and also fellow traders can also benefit from the charting services...
  4. ravig

    good realtime chart provider advice

    Hi All, I would like to have your inputs on best real time chart providers. I am starting day trading. As per my basic study, first target is to get real time chart service. So please suggest me best realtime chart provider ( PAID as well as Free) THanks Ravi