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    Yes Bank - RBI’s folly

    RBI kicked out Rana Kapoor from Yes Bank, and created some unintended consequences. The new management has much more incentive to safeguard its own interest, than to safeguard the interest of the bank. Ravneet Gill will be a fool if he takes up some proposal that will benefit Yes Bank, but...
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    Yes Bank - Beggar and Ferrari

    You know the story of the beggar who won a lottery? He immediately and got himself a Ferrari. When the salesman asked him what he would do in the Ferrari, the beggar told him, why, he would go begging in his new Ferrari, of course! The market seems to be treating YesBank, in very much the same...
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    opening an account with NASDAQ broker and remittance limit for options trading

    As per the rules by SEC, Indian can open an trading account with USA based brokers. I want to know whether RBI has imposed any restriction for remittance in derivatives trading?
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    Banks knee jerk reaction to SB rate deregulation

    In a couple of days, analysts will come out with their detailed analysis of today's RBI announcement, and then, the reaction will be that SB rate deregulation is not as bad a factor as it is made out to be. - Firstly, out of the CASA ratio, on average, Current Accounts account for over 40% of...