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    Hi All, Quite new to day trading, I am using QuoteTracker with NSE RT (Free) feed. I am also having access to TradeRacer (IciciDirect) and TradeTiger (ShareKhan) softwares - Both excellent RT data but have their own limitations and hence, I prefer QuoteTracker. I note that the NSE RT (Free)...
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    QuoteTracker Data Feed

    Hi All, I use QuoteTracker with NSE Live Feed (FREE). But my experience tells me that it is delayed by about 90 sec - which literally, can break or make my trade - mostly break. I also have TradeRacer (IciciDirect) and TradeTiger (Sharekhan) datafeeds coming in for the same shares - which...
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    Paintbars in QuoteTracker

    murthymsr had suggested that we initiate a discussion of Paintbars as used in QuoteTracker. So, here goes... Paintbars are used to embellish graphs based on user specified conditions. Uses include coloring the candles, drawing buy/sell arrows, marking candles with symbols, drawing colored...
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    Back Fill for Quote Tracker?

    Hi, Can anyone help me find a URL that will give free backfill data for QuoteTracker? Thanks. Jsvasan