quote tracker

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    Need help with quotetracker

    I have just begun trading & have little knowledge about technical analysis ( doing a lot of reading to understand things) & softwares.. etc. I have checked few of the above ones & found them complicated to understand, so i decided to try Quote Tracker. Since i m looking after NSE data only it is...
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    quote tracker backfill

    Sir, plz help me how can i backfill intraday data in quote tracker usin charts data or any other free software in nse. thankyou.
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    Quote Tracker 15 Mins Delay

    Hi Everyone, I am using Quote Tracker and found that there is a 15 mins delay when it's pulling data from NSE. There is another thread where this has been answered (http://www.traderji.com/software/7289-free-stock-analysis-software-realtime-eod-data-5.html) however the link shared by...
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    Back Fill for Quote Tracker?

    Hi, Can anyone help me find a URL that will give free backfill data for QuoteTracker? Thanks. Jsvasan