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    How do I back test a strategy

    Hi, I am a newbie and looking for some advice from seniors. Would you recommend a software for running the strategy backtest? I would like to 1. backtest a strategy that generates single taking multiple time charts into account. 2. test a strategy with stop-loss, square-off defined 3...
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    Artsy fartsy newbie investor: Good record

    Your view on this diary. I havent traded since April of 2014. On an investment of 2.8l I have made the same invested amount into 4.5l. I know it isn't great as strategies go but is it any good?? I was a copy editor for Investors India magazine a marketing and research initiative of Bajaj...
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    Charges of India Infolione?

    Hello, My name is Amrik Virdi. I am 21 yrs. old and persuing BCA from kolkata. I have opened a new online trading account in "INDIA INFOLINE". They told me to deposit 5000(Refundable)+750(Account Opening Charges)+550(Lifetime Demat Account)=6300(Total) So I have paid all the amount as...