python automation

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    Implemented Pair trading strategy using python - need feedback

    Intermediate coder and newbee trader here. I have implemented Pair trading strategy as per this varsity article using python. Request all experts here to provide valuable feedback on the the implementation- It is divided in three sections- 1...
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    Alternative of Amiquote

    Do we have a alternative of Amiquote? The free version allows us to only update 10 scrips. Can we have a Python script to download NSE all scrips EOD data from yahoo or quandl in amibroker readable format? I tried reading amibroker database but it is in binary format so we can’t directly...
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    How to logi In to Zerodha account using Python Script

    Hi All, I have created video to explain how to login to Zerodha Account using Python. You can visit the below link. Please remove space /lpZY UVG wp 58