proprietary trading

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    Hello fellow traders !

    We represent a proprietary day trading desk in western suburbs of Mumbai, having memberships of NSE (since 1997) and BSE Being extremely passionate about day trading, we are here to share and learn from fellow traders, as we have watched this community grow exponentially over the past few...
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    proprietary trading firms

    are there any good prop shops in india ? wat is the cirteria that they look out for ? is it neccessary to develop a strategy before hand or will they assist you to develop it or would they only want you to trade their strategy ?
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    Sub-broker question

    Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to register as a sub-broker, but the intention is not to facilitate customer business. I am more interested in getting cheaper commissions, as I anticipate a high turnover of trading in both the cash and F&O segment. Can I register personally as a...