prop trading

  1. algorial

    Openings for Senior Equity/Commodity Traders at Algorial

    Job Profile: Senior Equity/Commodity Trader Algorial ( is hiring senior equity and commodity traders with a strong background in trading and technical analysis. Algorial team highly values consistent profitability and good return on capital. If you meet the below criteria...
  2. H

    How to start a prop. trading shop

    Hello, I am an experienced equity trader from the US but want to know how could I setup a black-box or a grey box type shop with the ability to trade foreign markets as well. Please let me know most common setup with nominal investment. I can co-lo and stuff later as the need arises but s/w...
  3. S

    Visiting India to explore prop trading operation

    Hi, I am visiting India, and interested in meeting up with any trading operations in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad or elsewhere. I run a successful equity options prop operation in the US, and have been involved in the financial markets for the last 14 years in Chicago , home of derivatives! I am...