profitable system

  1. Trikaal Capital

    Using Algos successfully for Nifty n Gold

    Hi everyone. I have been trading all asset classes using a trend finding algo that is working consistently in all market conditions.
  2. jallanankit

    Experts, Pls help..!!

    I have made a real time system for trading in Indian markets. I am attaching a report along with this for a particular scrip. The system has made good profits in the given period. Period of test (Jan 2012 to Aug 2013) The system has generated a profit of Rs. 11,40,000/- on an investment of Rs...
  3. P

    Trading Bank Nifty Future on 5 Minutes TF

    Hello My track record with maintaining a trading diary is not good :). Anyway, here's my one more attempt at doing it :thumb: Even though I am using a 5 minute chart for trading Bank Nifty Future, my trades are more like swing trades i carry a part of the position overnight. My current trade...