profit calculation

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    How to calculate profit and loss

    I have a trading account in 5paisa. (cost cutting per order is Rs.10/-) example : if i am buying a 100 quantities of stocks of Rs. 500/- each . 100 * 500 = 50000/- and if i sell those stocks at 512/- , now how to calculate the profile . && if i sell those stocks at 450/- , now how to...
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    At what gain percentage should we sell a stock (day, swing trading)

    As the question suggest for swing or day trading at what percentage of profit should we sell the stocks to make it profitable? whether its 2%, 20% or 50% of gain. (please conside SBI trading platform and its charge and the initial buying share price is 200 rupees).
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    Tax and brokerage intraday 2014.

    I want to know what is the profit (my net earnings ) after deducting the brokerage and all kind of taxes in intraday trading. Suppose a share is bought for rs 431 and sold for rs 431.35. what will be net amount i will gain after paying all the taxes?? Brokerage is .02% both sides Also if i...
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    Commodity profit and loss calculation

    Hi all, I have a doubt in trading. plz help me out I am going to invest in silver and for that contract last date is 30 NOV Currently rate is 42442 rs, Lot size is 5 for that so total price will be 212210 rs But i have to pay only margin that is 13908.53 rs (6.55%). My questions are...