1. S

    How can Aurobindo Pharma's price fall

    Hello Sirs, I am new to trading. I have one question with regard to current price trend of Aurobindo Pharma. On 9th November sometime around 9 PM, Aurobindo Pharma released its financials. They were pretty good and they beat all market expectations. However, on 10th November, Aurobindo...
  2. A

    How to reduce slippage at entry and exit

    I trade and Nifty and SBI Futures in 5 minute timeframe. When I get a signal in Amibroker, it automatically generates an alert in Zerodha Pi using a bridge with all the values filled up (quantity, price, order type etc.). Order type is Limit and price is the Close of last candle which generated...
  3. A

    One Way Movement

    Hi All, For some time I have been observing stocks that break their previous days high or low tend to move in single direction and give good points. However, at times they reverse leading to triggering of SL. I tried to analyse the same with things like Delivery %age of previous day...
  4. A

    Ribbon Afl - Need help

    Hello Members, Please help me plotting the ribbon. I tried but getting many errors. I have attached the image of the ribbon that I am trying to plot. I have attached the image for reference: Thanks all. ********************* _SECTION_BEGIN("Price")...
  5. A

    Charts consistency

    Hi Team, At times I find the candles in the charts are not consistent and are very scattered. Please help me understand the reason for such a formation. I checked, volume doesn't seem to be the factor as many have good volume but the form inconsistent candles. Please help.
  6. I

    Moneycontrol portfolio

    I plan to use moneycontrol portfolio to track my equities. When I attempted to add a buy transaction I noticed the following comment * Please ensure the brokerages and STT have been added to your purchase price I understand the reason for adding brokerage to purchase price but I don't...
  7. I

    Spike in share price when market starts

    Hi Guys, I am new to this trading field. I have noticed that for some shares there is a SPIKE in price (rise/fall) when market opens. What causes this? Is it due to the After market orders on that particular stock, or is it due to some thing else? Thanks, Pavan
  8. S

    Naphtha Market Price Report

    Naphtha price went down in the last fortnight mainly due to poor support from energy market. In early the last fortnight, Naphtha prices opened with drastic slide down. In global Naphtha market, selling price reduced mainly due to weak cues from financial sectors. According to market...
  9. JackPotter

    When is the best time | month to buy gold jewelery

    I've a little over one year to get married. I guess that I'll have to purchase lot of new jewelery to add to the collection of my parents. Shall I start purchasing the jeweleries every month? Or I would do better to buy it in a particular month when prices are usually low? Does the growth in...
  10. A

    Flag And Pennant formation most reliable.

    Hi there.. I have been researching in stocks for the most profitable and highly reliable trading pattern for quite sometime now, and so far I have concluded that the Flag And Pennant formation is the most reliable of them all.. i would like to initiate a discussion here in which fellow traders...
  11. V

    Hair cut prices

    Hi, I came across a new word "Hair cut". usage were like before hair cut price and after hair cut price. what are these prices? Thanks
  12. D

    Opton price, volumn history

    Does anyone know where I can get the option historical data based on specific symbol? Thanks
  13. N

    Real time MCX gold international prices

    hi dear all friends, is there any good software or utility to get real time MCX gold international prices, if there plz suggest me vary soon i will parches that one. thanx in advance .... Ninad:)