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    Tool which shows entry / exits points for a stock on a chart

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is a website (mostly a portfolio manager like MC, ET) which can plot the entry and exit points of a stock on a chart. I'd like to visually see when I got into a position and when I exited out of a position. Pls advise.
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    Open Options positions after monthly expiry

    Hello I had brought Call options but I could not square off my positions due to very low volatility so will it get cash settled after the monthly expiry that occurred yesterday or do I need to place a square off order to get settled even after expiry. Please help!! I had big positions that...
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    Carry forward an intraday position...how?

    Hello, I often hear on TV analysts suggesting to carry-forward the intraday positions in case the price target is not met. How is this done in intraday trading...as I don't see option in my trading terminal to do it. I am using SBI Securities. Many Thanks Ujjwal