portfolio tracker

  1. A

    Need portfolio tool for equities and future combined

    I am looking for a portfolio management tool.I looked into various portfolio tools including moneycontrol but all lacks the following things 1. Both equities and futures 2. Annualized returns and CAGR's 3. [optional] uploading transactions through file(moneyControl has one but only for...
  2. N

    Is there any Portfolio Trackers/Manager available for free?

    Seeing lot of online portfolio managers/trackers. While I understand internet is required to update your stock/investment prices, still is there any software or app that can track your portfolio?
  3. Einstein

    Restoring Traders/Investors Faith into Investing

    Hi, starting new thread to encourage peoples to invest into stock market.
  4. I

    Online Portfolio Tracker

    Help me.. I want to update my portfolio...I have all my e-contract note from 2008. Is there any online / offline software available for uploading all my digital contract note... and also I want to know my past trading details with Indraday / Delivery, Holding, P&L statement and Income...