1. A

    Need portfolio tool for equities and future combined

    I am looking for a portfolio management tool.I looked into various portfolio tools including moneycontrol but all lacks the following things 1. Both equities and futures 2. Annualized returns and CAGR's 3. [optional] uploading transactions through file(moneyControl has one but only for...
  2. thelifecoder

    Trading Notes

    Just to share my portfolio
  3. G

    Google Docs to track Indian MF NAV

    Just thought of sharing it https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah16IsF681SudFJVdGNEbmVTRjFWOUUwLVo4RHRaYUE&hl=en_GB It gets data from http://amfiinda.com/spages/NAV0.txt. Just enter Fund Name, NAV price ,Quantity ,Date( optional ). It will do the rest. Please find correct...