1. O

    How much do you make monthly by trading?

    Hello friends, I am quite new to trading and just want to know what is the average monthly earning that traders here are making. As far as my vote is concerned, I am in loss till now. Hoping for the best :)
  2. V

    Gujrat Election Poll

    Gujrat - polling is over Result will come by next week. Exit polls are out. Now? What you think?
  3. M

    What is the trend of the current indian market?

    Can you guess what is the current market trend
  4. M

    Which has the highest failure perecentage?

    In your opinion which type of trading has the highest failure percentage if the trader is a retail investor . There is a common perception that 80% of traders will lose their invested money. The goal of this poll is to find which one. HFT Day Trading Short Term Trading (More than one day...
  5. M

    Is it possible to become rich by trading

    I am starting this poll to find out whether a retail investor(a common man) becoming rich by trading in indian market is a fantasy or reality. This voting is for those people who have become rich themselves by trading or knew those traders personally who became rich by trading. Please no...
  6. M

    What is your annual return percentage for your strategy

    I am starting this poll to find out annual return percentage obtained by different traders for their own strategy. The ultimate aim of this poll is to find a realistic annual return and try to improve my own strategy towards it. I have carried out back testing (10 year data) in amibroker and my...
  7. Blackhole

    Which Strategy / System / Indicators Gives U consistent Results

    Notice :::: Please Consider Mix of few trading system(trading in more accounts) as NR setups or Gann Angles Well, I already said that i Started off as a gambler, even today i take some tukka trades and get paid good.....Do Not Ask how much I looose?:rofl:...... My loosing reasons were many...
  8. K

    S.E.T or active trade manager

    Hello Friends, Just a casual poll to know how many of you are 'Set and Forget' traders and how many of you actively manage your trade after entry. You are also free to justify why you use either of them so beginner traders can get a fair insight on which one to use. Thanks, Karuna
  9. B

    How many Nifty points on an average you get per month per one lot.

    Just wanted to know how many Nifty points a trader gets per month, on one lot. Some people might not review their performance on monthly basis so they can calculate their yearly performance and divide it by 12, for average monthly performance. You can also mention the performance of fellow...
  10. N

    What are traders looking for?

    This thread is principally to find out what it is that traders are looking for in their search - whether on Traderji or otherwise i.e. 1) Trading Calls via sms? 2) To learn how to trade themselves? 3) To have their portfolio managed by professionals with no time involvement from their side...
  11. S

    Poll:What services do you expect from a company that caters to stock market needs?

    Hi all, I am looking forward to launch my own company, so I think this poll will be helpful to me. Please co-operate with me. Thanks
  12. J

    After Satyam Who is next,guess and gain

    Hi, I welcome you all to a game of guessing, " THE GUESSING GAME" Which company or corporate would Be the " NEXT SATYAM"