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    Suggest Online Broker with speed-E, nowonline.in & without POA?

    Dear everyone: Please suggest me an reliable & good online broker regular / discount broker with low brokerage &who allows trading on nowonline.in (nse & bse) and offers speed-E/ Easiest facility instead of demanding PoA. thank you, Guru Govind
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    Power of Attorney and Freezing of demat account

    I want to know that if I freeze my demat account for debit transactions and give Power of Attorney (POA) to my broker then will they be able to debit shares from my account in that case? Does POA give my broker the right to lift the debit freeze and then debit my shares?
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    Points against signing Power Of Attorney (especially IL&FS demat)

    In India most of the people dont even bother to read the a/c opening form.. let alone reading the detailed terms and conditions. Power of Attorney is one of the root cause of all miseries that investors face. I am against signing any POA, but specifically I would say POA agreement format...
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    What is POA stocks?

    Hi, I am using motilal oswal trading portal. I am trying to understand Trading portals jargons. There is no enough help around in the portal. So for the basics I came to you Gurus. What is POA stocks? Thanks