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  1. U

    please respond

    guys I started intraday trading with rs. 1.5 lakh and I've already lost 1.7 lakh and I'm left with only 43k. what to do, I feel like's sooo frustrating. help me out guys.
  2. K

    How to do Equity trading in icici direct for beginners?

    Hello, I want to do equity trading in icici direct. I have demat account. I am beginner, I know some points in trading after studying FAQs in icici direct but still unable to get some points. I want to buy shares in the morning and sell it at the end of the...
  3. K

    wanted help

    hi,this is kesari,i have lost more than 2 lacs in 3 months. can somebody suggest any genuine tips provider. my email : [email protected] thank you:
  4. navadia7

    Help: How to close open positions at the end of the day

    Dear All I need Help Of u To create Code (AFL) For Close All (Buy/Sell) Open Position At End Of The Day *1) Close All Open Position At End Of Trading Day For Example:- If my Position Ya Last Signal in Sell Then Next Signal At End Of Trading session's Last Minuit is give Buy Signal And...