1. vijkris

    My trades based on "new way of pivot trading" and vwap

    Hi, this is my first thread and I hope I will open many more threads, as and when my experience and knowledge increases. Main purpose of this thread is to record my trades done using pivot and vwap concept. I would also post here my trading plan which will include my thoughts on psychology...
  2. R

    Tops Bottoms - Pivot Hs and Pivot Ls - How to pass on value

    Hi, I am trying to highlight Pivot Highs and Pivot Lows on the chart. For which i am using this simple code: pivh = H > Ref(H,-1) AND H > Ref(H,-2) AND H > Ref(H,-3) AND H > Ref(H,1) AND H > Ref(H,2) ; pivl = L < Ref(L,-1) AND L < Ref(L,-2) AND L < Ref(L,-3) AND L < Ref(L,1) AND L < Ref(L,2)...
  3. E

    Pivot Points

    Pivot Points for NSE INDIA stocks & indices (futures) Commodities, Forex visit us at economicnerd.blogspot.com / economicnerd.wordpress.com