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    Systematic Equity Investment Portfolio Performance Tracking

    The idea behind starting this thread is to show how a systematic equity investment portfolio performs over a period of time. I believe showing the progress live will help new traders gain confidence in following their strategy even in adverse markets and give them an idea of how a diversified...
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    Share Trading performance

    Hi can anyone suggest a method of evaluating performance of share trading. I mean how to find Rate of Return or CAGR when shares are bought and sold throughout the year. I am not starting with a fixed capital I will buy and sell shares as per signals generated.
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    Annual Report Threadbare ART

    Time for quarter 2 performance reports of various companies... I read lupin ltd report.. though the revenue changed to positive it doesnt seem encouraging. What do you suggest?
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    Systematic Trading works

    Hello all, I would like to share systematic performance of my model for the last financial year as a tribute to this forum its help. The objective is to reinforce the trading community's faith in the success of systematic trading. I shall not be able to share details of the strategy...
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    How many Nifty points on an average you get per month per one lot.

    Just wanted to know how many Nifty points a trader gets per month, on one lot. Some people might not review their performance on monthly basis so they can calculate their yearly performance and divide it by 12, for average monthly performance. You can also mention the performance of fellow...
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    Mutual Fund analysis in Excel sheet using past NAV history

    The following is the link to Demo of a Mutual Fund analysis in Excel sheet done by me. One has to input the NAV history only. Rest all calculations are done in Excel sheet automatically. Have a look : ~~