penny stocks

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    Help me with Opening an account!!!

    Hi Friends, I mainly deal with penny stocks like JP, Unitech, GMR etc. My investment amount is from 50k to 75k. Someone please help me with the brokerage world. I tend to get confused all the time becoz im new to trading. I went to Share khan and they are offering me 5 paise per share for...
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    Hello and humble greetings to all traders

    Hi, Im reuben, I am a novice trader, and I have only traded in equities,My humble greetings to everyone on the forum, this is a fantastic medium for non-finance guys to connect with other people.Thank you so much for starting this.. As I am new in trading and on this forum, so I am just...
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    Regarding penny stocks

    Hi friends, I am new to investing and am currently a small retail investor. I have a question to you guys regarding penny stocks ( stocks priced below Rs 2.5 ) . I have an trading account with HDFC Securities but they do not sell stocks that are priced below Rs 2.5. Where can I buy...