pe ratios

  1. Nimish Shah

    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    To determine the P/E ratio of Sensex or any company, investors can divide the stock price by EPS (Earnings per share) Price to Earning (PE) = Stock price / Earnings per share (EPS) By determine PE we can know whether Sensex or any stock is Cheap, Reasonable or Costly. Sensex PE = Sensex...
  2. S

    Historical PE ratios of Indian sectoral indices

    Any idea where I can get historical PE ratio charts of NSE and BSE indices? I couldn't find them anywhere. I downloaded data from NSE and plotted them in excel, but of course that's too much of a pain to do every time. PFA for CNX Realty index. How reliable will be the PE data from NSE...