1. kingsmasher1

    Historical PCR of stocks and indices

    Can someone help me to know where can i get the historical put-call ratio of stocks and indices? In moneycontrol i can see it posted for the latest 1 day. Thanks in advance.
  2. P

    Intraday PCR Tools

    Do you know any tool that provides the live information about intraday PCR? Does NestPlus provide the same?
  3. MurAtt

    Tracking PUT CALL Open Interest

    Here I wil post Open Interest of Calls n Puts which will just give a small directional bias for the oncoming days. Considering that only SMART MONEY is able to write Options in quantities as such. Will try to update on a daily basis at EOD the OI for PC. ALL SUGGESTIONS, IMPROVISATIONS etc...
  4. A


    Hi all, It had been such a long time that I have visited this and posted here. And I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Traderji for restoring the original layout of the landing page. It used to be extremely confusing{one of the reasons, I couldnot make out where should I...