1. Fundootrader

    Nifty Options Chain Patterns

    Options are tool which is used by market participants to both gamble (read as: naked buys) or to hedge or to make money using limited risk strategies. Retailers mostly come in the gambler category (see on forum how many folks trading in naked calls/options based on market trend/movement) and...
  2. P

    UnUsual patterns - Pokrate

    Lets share our unusual patterns. Today on 3rd Feb 2014 FII and DII were both net sellers. This is an interesting pattern. When ever both are net sellers in equity segment, market tends to rise next day, and / or shows resilience to falling further. Here is a record of 2013 and 2014 : 20...
  3. R

    Pattern Trading [Actual trading, not educational]

    Hi, What this thread is NOT : This is not an eductional thread, ie if you dont already trade / recognize patterns, this is not the thread you would be looking for, however you could go to Thats the one i know...