paper trading

  1. S

    Can you recommend free options paper trading sites?

    I am looking for free options paper trading sites if possible for indian markets. NSE pathshala used to have a good options paper trading simulator but it seems NSE removed it. Can any one recommend any free options paper trading apps or sites? Tried investopedia but I think they have disabled...
  2. M

    paper trading websites in mutual funds india

    Is there any virtual/paper trading websites available in india for indian mutual funds and can you name a few?
  3. A

    Back Testing or Paper Trading

    Explained well in this video: Let me know if Paper Trading is a better way to know performance of the strategy?
  4. A

    Paper Trading v/s Back Testing

    Explained beautifully in this video!! Let me know if this is true!!
  5. _Phantom_

    Paper Trading your system- Is it needed?

    Hi all, I had recently joined this forum and had a chance to scan through some of the best threads and posts. During this process of going through these posts, I noticed some members having conflicting views about Paper Trading that it is no good, waste of time etc. etc. as things are...
  6. Ravi Lodhiya

    How to start day trading - for beginner.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain how to start day trading for the beginners ? As you may aware I am new to this field but I want to know more and also want to explore it in short time. I believed that I have quality of good day trader, but I just want to know where to start and master the...
  7. S

    Astro prediction for Intraday S&P Nifty - Live Updates (only if i've freetime)

    Predictions for Tuesday 1 FEB 2011 Intraday from market opening nifty should will have rise for couple of minutes from 9:30 market will move down till 11:30 sellers will try to push the market down but from 10:40 to 11:00 u should notice false rises or temporary up swings. from 11:45...
  8. V

    Paper Trading

    I was paper trading in today and was trying to buy 50 shares of HUL. But, it said Insufficient volumes traded. What does this really mean? There was a footnote which read as follows: Your order will not be executed in the following cases If the ordered quantity per stock is more...
  9. Q

    Forex Paper Trading Game Sites

    Does anyone know which forex paper trading game sites are the best....and do any of the games play contests for real money? Please do reply.. Thanks..