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    Pair Trading - Exploring The Low Risk Statistical Arbitrage Trading Concepts

    Pair trading is a low risk statistical arbitrage strategy, however it is not very popular in India as many think it involves complex logic to identify the pairs and trading them effectively. Also many feel that it is more suitable for institutional players due the resources at their disposal and...
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    Top Pair Stocks for Pair Trading

    So fair in last 2 years of pair trading, these have been my top 4 favorites. I have also added the backtest results. HDFC vs HDFC Bank - 35/35 Winners - Biggest Hit - All time favorite Colpal vs Dabur - 18/18 Winners DR Reddy vs Lupin - 20/21 Winners Gail vs Ongc - 32/33 Winners - nowadays...
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    Pair Trading

    Although there are a couple of threads on pair trading on this forum , i found them lacking on a number of levels and mostly all of them were experimental in nature. I am doing pair trading since the last 3-4 years and i believe i have finally tailored the model to generate winning trades in...
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    Hi, I am trying to SHARE My Trades for keeping myself in DISCIPLINE.
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    Hi Smart Traders! Come down to share our ideas.

    Dear fiends, ed to stay active on this forum as you guys are really smarter and we can add little knowledge from everybody. I was ardent fan of fundamental analysis and things like support.resistance, pivot and candlestick was quite disdaining word for me. I passed my CFA-Level- 2 FROM usa and...
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    Need a software/utility to backtest options strategy

    Hello Friends, I need simple utility to backtest few options strategies... could you please explain how you use options oracle and datacenter for backtesting? I have historical options data available for about 10 years (Nifty) and it would be great if I can upload this data and start...
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    Pair Trading with Nifty Options

    Dear Friends, I need help to find out software or utility to back-test Nifty options pair trading. For example, One start of fresh series, I wish to Step 1: buy Nifty Put & Call (depending upon earlier day's Nifty closing) Step 2: Define range (based upon Nifty closing) & hold on...