1. timircha

    If we do not square off OTM sold call option.

    If I have open position which is OTM call sold position. If I will not buy and (not square off position) till end of expiry, then what will be happened. (Call is OTM). Is there any penalty or changes applicable to me. OR IT is mandatory to buy sold call option for INR 0.05 (I think OTM is...
  2. timircha

    IT is mandatory to square off OTM put or call option

    If I have open position for call or put and now that strike price is OTM, then I have to square off that contract, If I do not square off that contract then it expires worthless. so I have not square off that contract then something penalty or something else STT is chargeable to me. of no bill...
  3. M

    OTM put/call worth.

    Hi Gurus, I am a newbie to options. If a person buys an OTM PUT at the start of the month and if its premium increases in a week, Will he be able to find any buyers when he wants to sell it. Whether OTM buys are mainly used for hedging alone . Best example is Infosys in last week had its OTM...