1. P

    Buy order failed

    I am young and new to stock market. Hope someone can help or make me understand. I wanted to place an order for Kansai Nerolac Paints from icicidirect.com, but when ever i do i receive this message "Price entered by you is beyond the price range permitted by exchange.:Please modify your price...
  2. G

    PTST ODIN Order

    Dear Sir/Madam, Can someone please explain me how to place buy, stop loss and sell orders in ODIN. I don't want to separate the buy step from sell. I want to execute an order of buy, stop loss and sell orders according to pivot points. Thanks in advance for any one who throw some light...
  3. A

    What is stop loss?????

    Hi to all..i am a new trader please tell me what is a stoploss ..i mean please clarify this with examples....thank you for your time
  4. Ganesh543

    What Will you Do If You Dont Get Time To Place Stop Loss Due To Sudden Jerk In Price?

    Dear Day Trader Friends See my todays problem a stock from -1 percent rose to 2.5 percent and I shorted it at 5 percent level but with in few seconds it went up by another 5 percent I could not get time to place a stop loss and my whole day earning were converted to loss of Rs 43 this...
  5. Ganesh543

    In Intraday Trading Can We Place Stoploss Order Before Placing Corsp. Buy Or Sell ord

    In Intraday Trading Can We Place Stoploss Order Before Placing Corresponding Buy Or Sell order to avoid sudden fluctuation of price to avoid loss ? For example before buying 100 shares @Rs10 (long position) can we place its SL sell order @Rs9 for 100 shares before actual buying of share...
  6. D

    Investment per order

    Hi All, I have read a lot of posts here from people investing in the markets, and as we all know that an investor can be characterized in so many different ways. One aspect I always think of while reading a fellow investors post is how much money on average, does he/she put in for a single...