order entry

  1. S

    Do any stock brokers give this type of order?

    I gave a vague title because I really don't know whats this order or trading method is called. I know about limit, market, stop loss market and stop loss limit orders but I dont think this comes under any of those order type. Let say a stock's current price is Rs 100. I want to place a buy...
  2. pannet1

    Fastest (Bank) Nifty Options order ever executed

    Hi, I am in search of a platform that could execute (Bank) Nifty options quickly. Can you please post the time taken by your platform for executing your order. Accompanied proof for the same (Server Log, Screen Shot, Order No.) is highly appreciated. I hope after some time we will clearly...
  3. Ravi Lodhiya

    Explain Order Entry in ODIN Diet.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain the order entry in ODIN Diet Client program? And How do I place an order with stop loss in ODIN in a single order entry? Is it possible ? For example, If you look in the image I have attached the screen shot of the Order Entry form. Can Anyone help...