options trading strategy

  1. M

    Actually, 'options trading' operates the whole market.

    Hello Everybody! New to TJ, but know TJ since 6-7 years. Active trader since 2007. Opinion mentioned above in the title is the experience, from the market I want to share. Fundamentally, as we think normally that movement in the capital market moves the index, but what my opinion is movement in...
  2. S

    What is the best way to make money in Options trading in india???

    Hello, I have got Rs.50Thousand with me... Actually i was looking for a minimum risk investment through which i can really make some BIG BIG and FAST money... somebody suggested me to invest in Options trading... i have to convert this 50thousand to 15Lakhs in 4months time... otherwise life...
  3. T

    options trading strategy for busy people

    Hi, I am in process of designing options trading strategy useful for people who can watch market around closing and take required action. Your suggestions will help me to improve on the strategy. Referring the SBIN table below, when BUY is indicated for the first time, it means buying a...
  4. Cubt

    15% Guaranteed Returns - Buy both Call & Put options Strategy

    Hi, I have back tested this strategy & it worked perfectly. I have been trying out this strategy for couple of weeks. Its been giving consistent returns of around 15 to 20%, but am curious to know if any of the members have already tried this. Strategy: Investment needed: Rs.10,000...
  5. T

    Options Call/Put Strategies ?

    I want to know the Call or put Buying or Selling Strategies Which I can hold till Expiry & Earn Good Premium ? Explain with Nifty or Stock Option Example Thanks in Advance :thumb:
  6. M

    MK NIFTY Options Trading System for Day Trading

    I am working on Options trading system for last few months. I done lot of studies on Options Strategies, cleared NCFM exams on Options and done back-testing on various trading systems. For positional Options trading, one should use Options Strategies than naked options. Many people including...
  7. U


    Hello All! I have been investing part time for about 10 years, mostly with options trading, credit spreads and DITM options. I love what I do and I do what I love! Looking to interact with other options traders. :clapping:
  8. M

    Need a software/utility to backtest options strategy

    Hello Friends, I need simple utility to backtest few options strategies... could you please explain how you use options oracle and datacenter for backtesting? I have historical options data available for about 10 years (Nifty) and it would be great if I can upload this data and start...
  9. R

    Options Trading Exercising Regarding

    Hi All, I am new to Options Trading in India. I would like to if I could buy/sell the shares by exercising my call/put options early. Let me explain my question by example: I have presently bought HUL call option at 275 for Rs.10 . At the time of expiry, the Stock is trading at Rs.290...
  10. Sunil

    Options Trading Strategies

    Nifty Options are slowly catching up with Nifty Futures in terms of participation interest. Especially in times where taking any directional trading call is becoming increasingly difficult & volatility has become order of the day, options (with its risk : return profile) can come quite handy to...