options loss

  1. kingsmasher1

    How to deal with STOPLOSS and sell in market IN options which does not support it?

    Hello Friends, So today i made a loss of 7k :lol: in options trade. I was dealing with options for last couple of days with luck and profit as high as 4.5k. The reason i dealt with options is: 1) Low brokerage as cost depends on premium which is very less compared to actual share price 2) Huge...
  2. H

    Hello All - Neew your guidance in recovering loss

    Hello All, I am Harshad from Pune ans has recently started trading in options. On daily basis I am loosing almost 2k - 3k because of one on the below reasons 1. Did not exit the stock at right time 2. Stock did not perform as per expectations. Any help regarding trading tips, strategies...
  3. A

    Stuck in Options

    Dear Knowledgable Members, I am badly stuck in nifty options and need guidance from you. I purchased Nifty 4000 Puts and sold 3900 puts at the begining of this month. While the market was going down, I was having loss on 3900 puts, but that was protected by the 4000 put I was long...