options brokerage

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    Hai all .... :)

    I am trading since 8 moths . I do only options trading. they are charging me Rs 90/- per lot , Recently I visited one website they are giving options trading for Rs. 9/- per lot . How it possible ... ist n't fake or truth ..kindly reply any body the secret behind. who is the best for options...?
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    trade in nifty options

    i have recently started trading in nifty options with angel broking subbroker. my average trade in last month was 80 lots of nifty options selling and buying. i pay a brokerage of Rs 50/- per lot. so i ended up paying a brokerage of Rs 8000/; is the brokerage being paid by me on the higher...
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    Low cost Options Broker

    Folks, Can anyone recommend a low cost options broker who is reliable as well .. I trade options on the nifty and notice that connectivity is an issue with my broker when we have high volumes in the market. I use Kotak presently regards
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    ICICIDirect Option Trading Brokerage - Experts please help

    Could anyone please shed some light on brokerage calculation (along with all other charges STT, TC etc) for options trading on ICICIDirect with the following scenario.. 1) Buy 100 lots (5000 options) of NIFTY 5700 contract at premium of 4.85 per option and sell 100 lots (5000 options) at...