options basics

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    Hi Everyone

    :clap: Hello everyone , i am new here, basically looking for help and ideas on trading in options. I am very new to the whole idea of trading in options. Thanks :)
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    Lets Talk Options Trading

    Hi everyone, I am new here to the forum. I am an options trader in the USA and I am interested to know how many people in India are interested and active in trading options in the markets? Let's discuss and good luck with your trading!
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    Options Analysis

    Dear Freinds, I see that there is lot of discussion happening around Technical Analysis and markets, but not seeing much post on Options. I request group members who are experts in Option may share their valuable knowledge here. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello Friends!!

    My name is Raj and I have just joined this forum. I was always a long term investor in equities. Now I would want to diversify and learn more about options trading and also day trading. I hope there are people out here who would help me in this effort of mine. Thank you all in advance...
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    Hello to options Trading!

    Hi Folks, Can some one help by explaining how to read options chart. I am using sharekhan application. My understanding/questions- 1. Not all shares have an option chain. 2. I only use sharekhan application. Is there a better application which I can refer to? 3. Any good...
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    Options last traded price

    Hi All, I am novice in options trading. I am trying to buy ICICI call option. When I select ICICI as stock code and product as options and option type as call, it shows multiple contract with different LTP price as below: strike price Lot size LTP 1000...
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    Option Basic Guidance Needed

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to traderji and I've been blown away by the knowledge that is shared everyday though this wonderful forum. Thanks to everyone. I'm still in my kindergarten days when it comes to trading, so allow me to ask a few basic question in options trading. Your help in...