options backtesting

  1. jallanankit

    AFL for trading Options.

    Hello Everyone, Well it has been quite some time, I am posting here on TJ. I have been into system trading and I sincerely believe, system trading can make money. I want to make a system wherein the BUY SELL logic on the Fut/EQ price chart gives BUY/SELL on the (At the money) ATM strike of the...
  2. M

    AFL for Options buying using SMA crossover

    Hello Everyone, I need AFL code for following strategy for Nifty Options weekly Expiry. 1. When Nifty Futures Short SMA crosses above Long SMA buy Nifty Weekly ATM CE 2. When Nifty Futures Short SMA crosses below Long SMA buy Nifty Weekly ATM PE 3. Coding should be for intraday trades. 4. SL...
  3. R

    Any vendor to provide options intraday data

    Are there any vendors that provide historical data for options on an intraday (> 3 years). Zerodha provides maximum 2 months data for options/futures because the instrument keeps on changing. Thanks for any inputs.
  4. NJ23

    Options Backtesting Software?

    Does anyone know of a "Backtesting" software for options traded on NSE? Including Currency options?