option exercise

  1. timircha

    IT is mandatory to square off OTM put or call option

    If I have open position for call or put and now that strike price is OTM, then I have to square off that contract, If I do not square off that contract then it expires worthless. so I have not square off that contract then something penalty or something else STT is chargeable to me. of no bill...
  2. fahadmalik

    Option Strategy Guide

    Dear TraderJi members, Happy Diwali in Advance :clap::thumb::clapping: Using Nest Trading Terminal. Zerodha is my Broker Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in Commodity Where to Execute the Option Buy/Sell Order, I have seen the video of BSE2NSE 1...
  3. V

    Option exercise.. a sample transaction needed

    Hi, I need a sample transaction with brokerage charge when a option is exercised. (Not for square off ) Regards, Vicky