option chain

  1. V

    Option Pain and Option Chain

    Hi, I'm new to Options. When i tried to learn Options, I came across Option Pain and Option Chain. I couldn't understand how someone can predict the expiry price by reading those two. Can someone tell me how to read Option Pain and Option Chain and how to trade based on them. Thank You.
  2. punam.fintrade

    Option Chain Analysis

    Can anyone help with detail material on Option Chain . How to Analyze it / Interpret it in detail. Any Book name / PDF / Links would be appreciated. Need detail Information please.
  3. N

    simple straddle strategy

    Hi, I've started experimenting/ backtesting some strategies so thought of starting with a real simple one. Buy both NIFTY calls and puts to the nearest strike of nifty at 930 on first day of series. Sell on closing of series. Returns 11%(total) in last 3 years. I know not great, simple...
  4. S

    Option Chains for Indian Stocks and indexes?

    Hello Fellow Traders, I have options trading experience in US but no experience in INDIA . I'm interested in trading options in INDIA as well. Could someone please provide pointers on where to check a listing of the option chains for various stocks? For US stocks one can check the stock...