option calculators

  1. M

    best available OPTION STRATEGY simulator?

    Hi guys i have been in the market for over 10 years, and lost in stocks, i have lost in commodities, and currencies too. and i was very bad experience. now i am trying to understand Stock options better and really trying my best on this. and this time i don't want to fail. seeing a hope in...
  2. fahadmalik

    Option Strategy Guide

    Dear TraderJi members, Happy Diwali in Advance :clap::thumb::clapping: Using Nest Trading Terminal. Zerodha is my Broker Need Help in Option Strategy. Newbie in Option...mostly trade in Commodity Where to Execute the Option Buy/Sell Order, I have seen the video of BSE2NSE 1...
  3. V

    Mispriced options

    Sirs, Will the seniors guide me as to what are the mispriced options in respect of Nifty Index? for example : a web site says that following options are mispriced.How? I want to know! of course without any involvement of complicated mathematical equations of black scholes. nifty is at...