1. J

    Annual Report Threadbare ART

    Time for quarter 2 performance reports of various companies... I read lupin ltd report.. though the revenue changed to positive it doesnt seem encouraging. What do you suggest?
  2. V

    Your view on SAS Online?

    Hi guys I'm thinking to open my first trading account with SAS online. Although I personally love Zerodha, the Rs.9/trade & Unlimited pack of SAS Online seems bit suitable for my trading style. So whats your view about SAS for intraday trades, trading platform, ease of use etc? And one more...
  3. L

    When to sell JetAirways ?

    hi, i do mock trading right now. i bought Jet Airways (NSE) a couple of days ago at different prices 100 shares at 543/sh 200 shares at 549/sh 100 shares at 548/sh i bought them because of the speculation that Jet Air will be offloading shares to Etihad Airways. When i bought them the price...