open price

  1. B

    Buy order at market opening price

    How can I place a buy order such that I buy it at stock opening price of the day?
  2. G

    JSON feed for intraday

    Where can i get JSON data for intraday - specifically I am looking for Market Open price,Days High,Days low and current market price. I am able to get the current market price but have not found json link for Open price,Days High,Days low Please respond if you know the links
  3. mave_rick

    Normal Trading Hours moved: 9am to 9:15am

    From 18th Octiber, normal trading hours has been moved from 9am to 9:15am. First 15 minutes, i.e, 9am to 9:15am will be used for open price discovery. This will be called Pre-open session. The NSE weblink contains the details about the open price session...
  4. S

    Open Price Strategy

    Hi Friends, I would like to use this thread to explain open price strategy. This is purely an intraday strategy. Please fine tune this to ur needs nd trade accordingly. This is the first time i am writing on public forum. So bear with my english and gramatical mistakes. Open price...