open offer

  1. K

    HUL open offer progress tracking

    Hello Traders Is there any way by which we can track progress of HUL's open offer. I tried BSE/NSE website but could not find any such link. Kindly let me know if its possible at all.
  2. M

    Satyam open offer

    Hi guys...I think many members in this forum hold the stock of Satyam. I bought some shares at 54 and would like to tender the shares in open offer. Can you please let me know how to tender the shares in open offer. I have a sharekhan account and am wondering if it can be done online. I'm new to...
  3. D

    TTML Open offer

    I have to tender my shares in TTML open offer, I have some queries regarding the open offer. 1. They want me to credit the shares to the special depository account. How do I do that? 2. They want a copy of Delivery instruction slip? how and from where do I get this? 3. They want a copy of...