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  1. maheshnmahi

    Entering new world! need help on understanding trading techniques and open account

    Hello, I'm new to trading and I want your help to take some small steps to enter in trading world.:yahoo: Since I want to take it slow, I have 50K in hand and I want basically do day trading most of the time and swing if required. So here goes: I am yet to open trading+demat, so I...
  2. N

    The World Of Stock Markets!

    Hi folks! I am just beginning to understand the world of Trading!. I read a lot of threads ( almost the entire day) and this forum is interesting. So much to learn and understand. Well as a trader I am looking to understand a whole lot of things that go on in the financial world. There is...
  3. K

    New Member

    Hai all. I am an investor looking to open a online trading account. Looking forward to suggestions. Lakshminarayanan K
  4. C

    Brokers who do not limit small cap buying

    Please suggest Brokers who do not limit smallcap buying Inceasingly, I find brokers limiting buy quantity in small caps & mid caps to 10% of traded volume of the day. This implies you can not be the 1st one to buy at market open even if you have positive news or view on the stock. If you want...