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    How can i make trading work for me?
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    Margin for deliverables

    Hello Everyone, I know there are 1000s of stock brokers providing margin for intraday trading in equity. Are there any stock brokers who provide margin for delivery based trading in equity? Regards Shanthi
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    Trade in oversea forex market from india

    Hi, I'm doing demo trading on some online forex brokers based in UK and now I'm thinking to making investment as I'm profitable from over 6 months. But the problem is RBI as FEMA is preventing me from investment. I've heard that there are some international brokers with whom some indian banks...
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    Suggest Online Broker with speed-E, & without POA?

    Dear everyone: Please suggest me an reliable & good online broker regular / discount broker with low brokerage &who allows trading on (nse & bse) and offers speed-E/ Easiest facility instead of demanding PoA. thank you, Guru Govind