1. S

    Crude prospective

    Hello people, Do you have any technical analysis suggestion, or any indicators which provide better idea for making quick and good effective decisions in crude. !
  2. V

    gold/oil/baltic dry ticker codes

    I'm trying to find the ticker codes for gold ( $US.ounce) and crude oil (barrel) and baltic dry index (shipping) for Amibroker. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Mr.Gold

    A message from the mountains....

    Hello all, I'm looking forward to a great online experience with all of you. A little history about me for you guys. I'm a former Mumbaikar currently living and working out of the Rocky Mountains of Canada. I made the move over here 20 years ago when I got a golden opportunity and I took...
  4. G

    Gold prices saw a bright day

    Japanese Index Nikkei ended up on a higher note Encouraged by financial shares when a report said that most major Asian banks may be exempt from planned new global rules and this news took the Japanese Nikkei to end up on a higher note. The Japanese equities surprisingly outperformed other...
  5. M

    Investing in Oil/Natural Gas ETFs

    I want to invest in Oil/Energy ETFs in India - I am not sure where to start from though. Any pointers to which funds to invest in will be appreciated. Thanks Mayank