odin diet issue

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    Need Help On Odin Diet

    Is there any way to put multiple orders (say 10-20 diferent clients) on a cmp on Odin Client. For eg: If the crude oil price is 5000-5001 ...Is it possible to put buy for 20 different clients @ cmp 5001 at same time. :annoyed: Thanks in advance
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    Column profile in diet odin

    Hello All, I'm a newbie learning trading. So far it has been interesting and fun. Traderjis can you please let me know what does the following abbreviation stand for in a angel diet(odin) column profile(market watch profile): ser/exp, status, ND, C.A, DPR, %OI, In the Money, Fair...
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    ODIN DIET "invalid parameter" issue

    I am using windows 7 Ultimate and i have installed odin diet on it. But when i am trying to login it's giving error "invalid parameter". I have tried all the troubleshooting given in this forum and other sites but it is not working.