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    ODIN Diet - Algo trading and Coding

    I mainly use Angel Broking - ODIN platform for my trading. The problem is I couldn't find any info about odin coding for algo trades. There is a provision in odin diet platoform to write conditions for buy sell but I don't know how to use it. I called my local dealer but no use. I searched a lot...
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    Need Help On Odin Diet

    Is there any way to put multiple orders (say 10-20 diferent clients) on a cmp on Odin Client. For eg: If the crude oil price is 5000-5001 ...Is it possible to put buy for 20 different clients @ cmp 5001 at same time. :annoyed: Thanks in advance
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    Difference betweeen an online and offline account

    I have requested my broker for some special privileges, e.g. ODIN client a specific brokerage structure etc. He has agreed to give me ODIN client to trade in my account but is asking to convert my online account to offline. Does someone know difference in these modes and what are benefits and...