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    Hiring for startup Hedge fund in New York

    Senior Equity Trader/VBA Programmer We are looking for a senior equity trader that has a strong background within US securities. Primary responsibility for this position is to execute daily order flow for our customers while trading to achieve best execution, minimize market impact, and...
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    6 years of exp in swing trading Looking for jobs in south india

    Hi All, New to this site. I have 3 years of exp in swing trading NYSE and 3 years in trading NSE. Made some money. I ran into finance trouble after starting a business on my own. Now searching for a trading job in South India. It doesn't matter how tough it is, I have the patience...
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    Intraday trading in NYSE and Nasdaq

    Looking of Individual and corporate willing to invest in intraday trading in NYSE and Nasdaq, competitive rate in the market for further details please send me your name and contact no to [email protected]
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    International Trading championship

    Vinnex is organising VIC 2010 - First ever international virtual trading competition. Starting from 22nd march. Play now - Virtual stock exchange
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    Has anyone used Interactive Brokers to Trade NYSE, NASDAQ stocks from India ?

    You may now that Indian citizens can trade the USA stocks. I just wanted to check with you if you have traded NYSE, NASDAQ stocks using Interactive Broker broker.