1. M

    PR280422.zip is not available in nseindia.com

    Dear Friends, I can find at this page https://www1.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/archieve_eq.htm PR270422.zip, PR290422.zip but not PR280422.zip. How I can find cm27APR2022bhav.csv, cm28APR2022bhav.csv and cm29APR2022bhav.csv. Where is PR280422.zip ? Why can I download it ...
  2. M

    EOD Data (BhavCopy) Downloader for Nseindia

    Dear All, I like to download Daily Bhav Copy file from nseindia website . I tried many free EOD Downloader. All its supported data download only from 2016. I want to download this Data from 1995 to 2017 (Current Date). I could download this manually from nseindia site. But...
  3. A

    nseindia to Amibroker

    Hi Members, Please help me plot IV data for call and put in amibroker. I want the data to be pulled up from www.nseindia.com. https://www1.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/option_chain/optionKeys.jsp?segmentLink=17&instrument=OPTIDX&symbol=NIFTY&date=28APR2016 Thanks...
  4. S

    New NSE site does not give historical info

    I am looking for historical data for specific NIFTY option chains I could get it as a graph as well as Data from NSE's earlier website. ( NSE's new websites is totally FUed with no link's to any of these info. facets. Instead it has marketing info about its products ) NOW NSE's old...
  5. Nehal_s143

    Nifty Daily Volatility

    Hi Friends I want to know how Nifty Daily Volatility is calculated, is there old data available for Nifty Daily Volatility or any afl available I tried with smart-finance method but the values are not matching with nseindia.com values Regards Nehal
  6. S

    How Is Sesa Goa?

    Can anyone advice me about Howz Sesa Goa share is? And why it is going down day by days?