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    High Volume stocks live on spreadsheet for Intraday trading

    High volume stocks are widely used by traders for intraday trading. In this spreadsheet we check the current volume of stocks and compare them with last 10 days average volume and sort them in descending. I have listed 212 F&O stocks for analyzing. The volume information is picked from...
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    Sharing some analytics

    Hi all, I am new here but have been a capital market professional and an investor for many years. I would like to share some analytics report I have developed for my own trading and would be terrific to receive some feedback. This is a daily report I generate programmatically everyday...
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    INtraday Tips for Today

    Nifty For Next Week Nifty made the new high yesterday and also made the good closing. Nifty continuously holding the crucial support level of 5090 to 5100, until it close below one could not expect much correction in it. In upside the short term resistance is seems to be at the range of 5175 to...