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  1. T

    NSE / BSE - EOD data for Metastock NEEDED

    Hi All, I am looking for EOD data for BOTH NSE / BSE which is upto date. If anyone is kind enough to share it that would be highly appreciated. I focus on small caps and mid-caps so I am looking for maximum no. of securities in the database. The data already available in the forum seems to be...
  2. MewarLion

    Overcharging ‘Exchange Transaction Fee’ by Many Brokers in India

    Yes, you heard it right. Most stock brokers in India are charging higher Exchange Transaction Fee than what stock exchanges allows them to charge. To understand how they are doing this lets get in to detail of it. Professional Clearing Member Fee (PCM Fee or Clearing Transaction Charges) All...
  3. R

    How to open stock market institute in Ujjain (India)?

    Hello, I live in Ujjain and I want to open an stock market school in my town. I can teach about financial market and prepare them for NSE's certification in financial markets (NCFM) Test. I have been investing in market since 7 years. I also have teaching experience for 1 year in HS. Do I need...
  4. M

    Intraday trading strategies

    Hello, do you guys have any good Intraday trading strategies that can be used with Live Charts. Currently I often use 15, 21 Moving averages with RSI, MACD and Bolliger Bands Thanks